Massages + Bodywork



Our body is our temple –a piece of art and work. Let’s get down on it and treat it with our customized body treatments that reach beyond the classic deep-tissue or sports massage. For the ultimate O’perience combine one of our CBD based massage-oils for an additional $20 to your favorite treatment. Get addicted!

Under Pressure.                            60 Minutes: $110 | 75 Minutes: $135 | 90 Minutes: $165

Nothing is more rewarding than a massage with just the right pressure and pain. With a perfect mixture of techniques, tension and stress are melted away. Treating the deeper layer of the muscle helps to relax muscles, increase oxygen flow into your muscles and leaves you totally relaxed and newly energized.

Anything But Ordinary.              60 Minutes: $110 | 75 Minutes: $135 | 90 Minutes: $165

Our deep-tissue massage is anything but ordinary. Holistically focused, our practitioners combine a variety of body work techniques, dry work, essential oils and awareness to create an individualized experience. Let’s loosen up and stretch this muscle tissue and get the blood flow moving!

Some Like It Hot!                         60 Minutes: $110 | 75 Minutes: $135 | 90 Minutes: $165

Place those stones right and treat your mind, body and soul. This treatment takes our classic massage to another level and helps you too reach a state of unknown bliss. When placed on specific areas such as meridian points, chakras and areas of chronic stress, hot stones directly relax muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than massage alone.

Feet Me!                                                                                                                     45 Minutes: $75

Who doesn’t enjoy a great foot massage?! Get your feet a good workover. Starting with a refreshing foot scrub, your therapist uses a variety of energy-balancing techniques and pressure points to take away the ache and pain accumulated from too much time on your feet.

Downtime.                                      60 Minutes: $110 | 75 Minutes: $135 | 90 Minutes: $165

If you love sports, you need this! The vigorous massage is highly recommended for those involved in intense physical activity. Using a combination of multiple bodyworks techniques, such as compression and cross fiber techniques, our practitioners focus on your personal needs, loosening those muscles layer by layer.

Just Relax.                                       60 Minutes: $110 | 75 Minutes: $135 | 90 Minutes: $165

This full-body treatment leads you to ultimate relaxation. Using long flowing strokes and kneading to reduce every day’s tension, sore muscles, and increase blood circulation. You like it simple? This one is tried and true.

In Need!                                           60 Minutes: $110 | 75 Minutes: $135 | 90 Minutes: $165

A combination of a classic Swedish massage and deep tissue massage customized to your needs.

Double The Fun.                           60 Minutes: $220 | 75 Minutes: $270 | 90 Minutes: $330

For more fun, select one of the above massages and share this unique experience with someone special, side by side.

Gratuities are not included. For same day appointments (subject to availability) please allow at least 4 hours advance notice. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. All prices are in US dollars.

To reserve your spa treatment please call: 

Desiree at: +1 949.413.6801 or Rick at: +1 213.361.8496.